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Friends of South Yemen (FOSY) is a society whose main goal is the establishment of an independent state in South Yemen. Membership is open to all Yemenis and individuals and organisations who support this objective.

FOSY’s Chairman Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim said:

“Two countries adjoining, understanding and collaborating with each other are far better than a federal state in which wars, destruction and destitution continue.

We are on a mission to step up our push for international recognition.”


Friends of South Yemen is an information resource which welcomes dialogue and open discussion about the case for southern statehood. The views in the articles on this website are not necessarily those of FOSY.

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On the last day of 2020, a year that has continued to brutalize war­torn Yemen, 26 people were killed and over 100 injured as ministers in the newly­formed government disembarked from an aircraft in Aden on their return from Saudi Arabia.

This horrific attack was a deliberate attempt to turn a moment of hope to one of despair. The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said: “A transgression of such magnitude potentially amounts to a war crime. This cabinet is a signal of hope that reconciliation is possible.”

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Issue 7 of the South Yemen Update newsletter has been published.

This issue looks at the challenges facing Yemen in 2021, the prospects for the new government and an end to the war.

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