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Friends of South Yemen (FOSY) is a society whose main goal is the establishment of an independent state in South Yemen. Membership is open to all Yemenis and individuals and organisations who support this objective.

FOSY’s Chairman Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim said:

“Two countries adjoining, understanding and collaborating with each other are far better than a federal state in which wars, destruction and destitution continue.

We are on a mission to step up our push for international recognition.”


Friends of South Yemen is an information resource which welcomes dialogue and open discussion about the case for southern statehood. The views in the articles on this website are not necessarily those of FOSY.

Please assist us in our cause.

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Yemen: The Case for Southern Statehood

Friends of South Yemen is pleased to announce the release of its documentary video titled, Yemen: The Case for Southern Statehood.

Fosy Chairman publishes history of South Yemen:


South Yemen: Gateway to the World? tells the story of South Yemen and answers the question: could it be a gateway to the world? The book traces the history of the country from the struggle for independence from the British which was gained in 1967. The first part provides an insight into the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, the first and only socialist state in the Arab world its achievements - the emancipation of women, redistribution of land to the people, an impressive mass literacy programme - and its demise due to internecine struggles in the Yemeni Socialist Party. In 1990 South and North Yemen united but the southerners were discriminated against by the northern regime and in 1994 fought a second war for independence. They were defeated and until the Houthi coup in 2014 were second class citizens in a state which exploited their resources and marginalised their people. Another struggle for independence is now being waged as the southerners cannot live in one state with the fundamentalist Houthi regime which controls more than 80 percent of the north.

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Issue 24 of FOSY’s South Yemen Update newsletter has been published.

On the front page is a report on Yemen’s newly formed Presidential Council which brings hope for a brighter future.

Also included in this issue are a review of South24 Center’s report on political assassinations, an article on the role of a group of women working to preserve Yemen’s historical and cultural properties, and an extract from FOSY Chairman, Dr Abdul Galil Shaif's, book - South Yemen: Gateway to the World.

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