Friends of South Yemen

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Founding Members

Dr Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim

Chairman: Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim is a British Yemeni who has lived in the UK since childhood and graduated with a Master’s degree in economics and a PhD in political science. Currently he is chief executive of the Hadfield Institute. He was Chairman of the Aden Free Zone Public Authority. He now lives in Sheffield and in the late 1990s was Chief Executive of MOWJ Media. He has been active in drawing the attention of British politicians to the situation in Yemen.

Karen Dabrowska

Director of Communications: Karen Dabrowska is a freelance journalist focusing on the Middle East and Islamic Affairs. She is the author of ten books including Iraq: the ancient sites and Iraqi Kurdistan, The Libyan Revolution: Diary of Qadhafi’s newsgirl in London and Into the Abyss: Human Rights Violations in Bahrain and the suppression of the Popular Movement for Change.