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Friends of South Yemen (FOSY) is a society whose main goal is the establishment of an independent state in South Yemen. Membership is open to all Yemenis and individuals and organisations who support this objective.

FOSY’s Chairman Abdul Galil Shaif Kasim said:

“Two countries adjoining, understanding and collaborating with each other are far better than a federal state in which wars, destruction and destitution continue.

We are on a mission to step up our push for international recognition.”


Friends of South Yemen is an information resource which welcomes dialogue and open discussion about the case for southern statehood. The views in the articles on this website are not necessarily those of FOSY.

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Ahmed Saeed Bin Brick praises FOSY’s road map

General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brick

In a message on Twitter the President of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brick praised FOSY’s road map.

Bin Brick said:

Brother Dr Abdul Galil Shaif
Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

I would like to commend your efforts to support the Southern cause and the demands of our Southern people to gain their sovereign rights to disengage from the unity signed in 1990.

Here we welcome the initiative you launched: the road map to solve the Yemeni issue in ending the war and achieving the lofty goal of disengagement.

We also thank you for your efforts to remove the suffering of the people of the south and freedom from racist communal tyranny.

We send you our sincere greetings.

Your brother, General Corner / Ahmed Saeed Bin Brick
President of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council.
Former Governor of Hadramaut Governorate.

Webinar - The EU and the war in Yemen:
The Current Situation and the Way Forward

Friday, 30th April 2021

An international webinar was held on 30th April covering the following themes: The EU’s approach towards the war in Yemen, the responsibility of warring parties, humanitarian aid and arms sales in Yemen, and the way to end the war in the country.

FOSY’s Chairman, Abdul Galil Shaif, was among the speakers and presented the Roadmap to end the war in Yemen.

To read a full description of the webinar, click here.

To view a video recording of the webinar, click here.

A road map for Yemen

Friends of South Yemen proposes to the international community a three-stage plan to bring about a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen. The road map makes proposals for an ending of the war in Yemen, finding a way out of the current political stalemate and offering a vision for the future.

The detailed proposals are featured as the cover story of Issue 10 of the South Yemen Update newsletter, and are also available as a separate document by clicking here.

An Arabic language version is available at this link: خارطة طريق لليمن

Issue 10 of the South Yemen Update newsletter has been published.

The cover feature in this issue is FOSY’s proposal to the international community for a three-stage plan to bring about a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen.

Also included are a report on a recent Zoom conference, Building an Enduring Peace in Yemen: the Southern Pathway to Peace, hosted by the Southern Independence group, and a review of a book of poems by Threa Almontaser.

Click here to access all issues of the newsletter.