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The impossible dream and Yemeni peace

By Adel Yahya, FOSY’s correspondent in Aden

There is no doubt that the whole world, the international community and the Security Council are in agreement with the Yemeni people in the north and south who support peace and bringing an end to the bloody war and fighting between the conflicting parties. Peace has become the dream of the Security Council and the international community and impossible to implement by the conflicting groups in Yemen.

That should not surprise us. The reality - with great regret - has become so complex that everyone is powerless to find a solution to end the war. Perhaps the reasons are clear, and the vision is crystalized especially among those who specialize in politics and are close to the reality on the ground.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia assumed the leadership of the Arab coalition that was set up to fight the Houthi militias (Ansar Allah) who overthrew the legitimate government. But the Saudis say one thing and what is happening in reality is something else. The reason for the intervention has been sacrificed on the altar of ambitions and the personal interests of Yemenis from the south and from the north.

Saudi Arabia is at odds with other coalition members. It is making random and arbitrary decisions on Yemeni affairs. The Riyadh Agreement has become a hinderance rather than a facilitator of peace and stands in the way of finding an end to the war.

There is also another impediment to peace. Some hardline southerners are demanding the restoration of the state of the South – as a given - They refuse to accept life in a united Yemen with the people of the North. Sadly the southerners have only experienced injustice, exclusion, marginalization, persecution, assassinations and wars from 1990, when North and South were united to the present day. Indeed, they have a legitimate right, cause, and project.

A blind eye cannot be turned to the just demands of the southerners and the southerners cannot be silent when their cause is ignored or obstructed. They have to protect themselves from the raging war between those who claim they are the legitimate government, the Houthi militia and the terrorist Islah Party, or those who oppose or stand hostile to the cause of the restoration of the southern state in international agreements, conferences or meetings.

The matter is further complicated by the Houthi militias rejection of every attempt to end the war. Their war against the coalition and against the areas controlled by the so-called legitimate government and against the South is an ideological and sectarian war, and wars will not end easily, especially as Iran is supporting the Houthis morally and financially.

A major obstacle to peace is the Islah Party and its expansion in all parts of North and South Yemen. The party has a close relationship with terrorism and extremism and is associated with General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar whose overall goal is to seek total control of North and South Yemen.

Yemen in general and South Yemen in particular has strategic sites and international sea lanes which the international community must safeguard.

The Yemeni people do not deserve the wars, destruction and interference in their affairs from regional powers. The Security Council, the international community and civil society organizations have to act seriously to help them bring an end to the war and help them fight famine and the economic stagnation which is going from bad to worse. The health system has collapsed, COVID-19 is spreading and deaths from the virus are increasing.

It is incumbent on the international community, the UN Security Council and the super powers to find some light at the end of the tunnel to the Yemen crisis before the country disintegrates totally.

Adel Yahya

Adel Yahya is a lawyer and political rights activist with a BA from the Faculty of Law, University of Aden in public law. He has experience in business administration, journalism and photography and was a volunteer in civil society organizations setting up service projects in society and social relations.

28th August 2020